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Empowering Creators of the Future

Our Mission

Our Mission

The Future Foundation is a non-profit organization driven by a vision of creating a better future by empowering creators from diverse disciplines and backgrounds. With a focus on building a vibrant and strong community, we foster connections and collaborations starting from Japan and extending to artists around the world. Through mentorship, support, and facilitation of powerful artwork and ideas, we strive to provide creators with the resources and guidance they need to thrive and make a positive impact on society.

Future Foundation's Team


Reem Alhowari

Founder & CEO

As an expat originating from Saudi Arabia and the founder of the Future Foundation in Tokyo, my mission is to drive positive change through art and creativity, cultivating a nurturing environment for growth and self-expression. Through collaboration, inclusivity, and pushing the boundaries of creativity, I aspire to inspire others, challenge the status quo, and create a ripple effect of meaningful, sustainable change that transcends boundaries and amplifies the transformative power of art.


Jesper Koll

Co-Founder & Director

Jesper Koll is a renowned economist and financial commentator with an in-depth understanding of the Japanese market. Holding influential positions at Merrill Lynch Japan and J.P. Morgan Japan, he has become a sought-after media presence, sharing his expert analysis and predictions on outlets like Bloomberg and CNBC. Known for his independent thinking and ability to demystify complex economic concepts, Koll's insights shape the decisions of investors and policymakers, establishing him as a leading authority in Japan's economic landscape.


Morgan Moody

Co-Founder & Advisor

Morgan Moody is a professor at Tokyo International University and a distinguished researcher specializing in the intersection of artificial intelligence and creativity. With a focus on exploring how AI can enhance and inspire creative processes, their work has contributed to advancing the understanding and practical applications of AI in creative fields.


Hakuo Kato

Co-Founder & Director

Hakuo Kato, an eccentric entrepreneur, has made a notable impact in the design and architecture communities, enhancing their reputation and establishing himself as a prominent figure. He holds the position of director at the Japanese International Economic Development Organization (JIEDO) and is actively involved in various ventures spanning architecture, nonprofits, and philanthropy, including culture preservation through the Legendary Classic Club and sustainable energy initiatives with Green Heritage. Kato's diverse experiences in design, architecture, and interior decoration reflect his deep-rooted passion for creativity and innovation.

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Sawako Hidaka


Sawako Hidaka, the Director of Asia Society Japan, is a distinguished cultural leader dedicated to fostering intercultural exchange and understanding between Japan and the international community. Under her guidance, Asia Society Japan has become a thriving platform for cultural programs, exhibitions, and collaborations, strengthening connections within Asia and beyond, and enriching the cultural landscape of Japan.


Kalin Lawrence


kalinlaw is a British and Japanese contemporary artist based in Tokyo, Japan.She is also the co-founder of Tokyo’s leading art event, Tokyo Love Hotels.She graduated with a BA in Fine Arts Major from Tyler School of Art, and ever since has been experimenting with different mediums,-only to return back to the basics of art; paint on canvas.

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